Release procedures

Here are the steps to build and release a new revision for the project.
Of course, this can be done only if all DUnit tests passed, and integration test are ok.

*Update BDFFont.txt file in "Source" Directory with last revision history.
*Copy this file in the "Exe" directory.
*Launch JediCodeFormat and format all the "Source" directory (Configuration file should be in .\Doc).
*Update revision number, and tag build (Delphi\Project\Options\Version Info).
*Rebuild the project.
*Clean the project directory by removing unnecessary files (keep *.dof and *.cfg files).
*Update and commit "Source" files with WinCVS
*Build a ZIP file named with the content of "Source" directory
*Build a ZIP file named with the content of "Exe" directory
*Upload these two files on SourceForge FTP.
*Login SourceForge site, and add a new Release on project named BDFfont vx.y
*In the Paste The Change Log In, paste the last history content you just wrote in BDFFont.txt file.
*Add the two zip files to the release and update their informations.
*Submit project news and paste Template for Release Announcement.txt file, updating it with last history information.
*Update project's web page.
*Verify that you can download the two ZIP files.

That's all.

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