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ANN: BDFfont v0.4 released - BDF font component support for Delphi

The latest version of BDFfont (v0.x) has been released. It can be downloaded here:


BDFfont is a library to handle BDF font (Bitmap Distribution Format file) font with Delphi. This library will solve the lack of support for bitmap font on MS-Windows. A complete documentation and few examples are also avaiable.

*Included in this release:

New storage method
* Glyphs are now all saved in one big BITMAP.
* Modified convertion to bitmap, now done when loading.
* Cleaned few functions
* BDF font can now be export to a BMP file (Feature request 799105)
* Assign space character when char is not present in the font (Tracker 796712)
* Draw a character to canvas not longer needs a bitmap convertion. It's as fast as it can (tracker 798086)

*BDFfont links:


*For more information on BDF files, visit the following links:

Glyph Bitmap Distribution Format (BDF) Specification (v2.2). (c) ADOBE

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