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BDFfont is an open source programming library, released under the GNU Genral Public License. It is designed to in the development of code that requires the use of font in Bitmap format called BDF.

Current version v0.5
Distribution licence GNU Genral Public Licence
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Development home http://sourceforge.net/projects/bdffont
Project's tracker submission facility Bug submission and feature request
CVS server cvs.bdffont.souceforge.net or cvs.souceforge.net.bdffont
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Copyright © 2003 - TridenT at users.sourceforge.net


What-is-it ?
BDFfont is a library to handle BDF font (Bitmap Distribution Format file)
font with Delphi.
This library will solve the lack of support for bitmap font on MS-Windows.
A complete documentation and few examples are also available.
Get last revision at : http://sourceforge.net/projects/bdffont/

Project documentation
Here is an HTML document that describe all project interface. please, do not distribute this file, see copyright ! It was just provided as example.
You can have a look to other documents:

FAQ for users
FAQ for developers

Template for Release Announcement
Release procedures

More details

Here is a screenshot of the main example :

Add Assertion when loading file, with try/finally block


New VCL example
* TBDF_Font.DrawText return now number of charthat can't be display (Feature request 802397)
* Added TBDF_Font.BoundText to autosize a text (return Width and Height)
* Added a new example to work with BDFfont in VCL (Support Requests 797170)

New storage method
* Glyphs are now all saved in one big BITMAP.
* Modified convertion to bitmap, now done when loading.
* Cleaned few functions
* BDF font can now be export to a BMP file (Feature request 799105)
* Assign space character when char is not present in the font (Tracker 796712)
* Draw a character to canvas not longer needs a bitmap convertion. It's as fast as it can (tracker 798086)

Feature added
* Added a progress message (percent loaded) when loading a font.

Minor code improvements
* Added pixel space between character property.
* Added Transparency support. Should be always checked (true by default).
* Added 'const' keywords in parameters functions and procedures.
* Added a few comments for Glyph methods.

Initial revision
* Added a program example that print strings with BDF font.
* Changed "unsafe" Data pointer by TMemoryStream.

Welcome to the BDFfont home page